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The Homeowner Design Experience

We recently chatted with some Triangle-area homeowners looking at remodeling the home they have lived in for 15 years.

What made you consider updating your home design now?

We’re both getting older and decided we would like to stay in our home versus selling and moving. Our current home is a two-story; we would like to have a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor so we will no longer have to navigate the stairs. We reached out to DRB Design to help us come up with a floor plan that will meet our needs.

What has the process been like?

We spoke with the designer to share our vision and talk about our needs for the house. One of the DRB team members came out to take measurements, then the designer started working on the first draft of the plan. They presented the plan, and we made some suggestions we thought might be a better fit. As part of the process, an engineer from Tyndall came out to review the current home structure, foundation, and utilities so any changes needed could be included in the plan.

And your next steps?

We initially had thought about waiting a few years – especially after the price of lumber jumped so high! Now we are thinking about starting the project sooner rather than later. There’s no time like the present.

Check back next month to read about the process from the designer’s perspective.


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